Anonimo Firenze Watches

Anonimo Firenze Watches

Anonimo Firenze still is located in the same building where Enrico Ambuchi had worked in the 1950s. The cases are taken care of by Alessandro Lari and his team. Anonimo Firenze is manufactured and distributed by Firenze Orologi Srl. The current brand was founded by Federico Massacesi who has been linked to the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo, and the historic Ambuchi Family.


The Ambuchi Family atelier was founded in 1939 by Enrico Ambuchi and has managed to grow through the years into the manufacturer of excellence that it is today. Additionally, the genius of Dino Zei has been lent to the manufacturing of an even more impressive watch. Zei's influence shows through the design of this line, which shares his name.

The cases are crafted by hand to ensure a perfectly smooth finished product. This involves sandblasting, cleaning, and a thorough inspection. Coming from a solid bar of metal, the cases have a strength that can be attained by no other methods.


Although Anonimo is still a young company, excellence in quality, innovation, and design have allowed it to compete with and thrive among luxury watch companies that have been around for well over a century. We anticipate seeing this company grow and develop its name even more in the coming years.

-Kale Golden