Girard-Perregaux in New York

Girard-Perregaux in New York

Madison Avenue in New York City has long been famous for its luxurious shopping, but Girard-Perregaux couldn't be found among the diverse vendorsuntil now. The New York store follows in the footsteps of their seven other major stores opened in Gstaad, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Prague and Beirut.

The company has made up for their late arrival to the upscale shopping center by introducing their new store with the remarkable level of class and sophistication that epitomizes their watches. The Madison Avenue store is very much an entity of its own, and they have two watches that are available exclusively at this location. The photo below shows the sleek modern lines of the store's interior, which beautifully showcases their fine timepieces

Its no small wonder that the store is so stylish, as it was designed in part by Ermanno Previdi. Making use of their 900 square feet, the store has a 16 foot tall ceiling that really makes it feel grand and much larger than it is. Girard-Perregaux has even brought in a skilled watchmaker named Yuriy Vasekevich who works in an open workshop so that people can approach him with questions. Its like watching an artist at work as he fiddles about with various parts of watch movements until he achieves the precision he's after.

If you live nearby, or if you will be visiting the area, and would like to go check out some of the exquisite watches on display there, keep your eyes peeled for the storefront below:


In the meantime, you can browse their galleries online at Girard-Perrgauxs English Home Page

-Kale Golden