Invicta Care foundation

Invicta Care Foundation

The Invicta Care Foundation began with the purpose of giving aid to those who are too often overlooked, and it has been fulfilling this purpose from its beginning. Because of the generosity of the Invicta Watch Group, the Invicta Care Foundation is able to use 100% of all donations and sales to support organizations providing help to those who need it.

Invicta Watch Group pays for all of the operational, managerial, marketing, and production costs of the Invicta Care Foundation, freeing up every penny of donations and funds to be used for the right purpose. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the Invicta Care Foundation raised $127,846 to help provide relief for the disaster's victims. And rememberall of that money went directly to the Red Cross, helping the people who needed it most.

Even more recently, the Invicta Care Foundation has teamed up with Red Wing Shoes and Soles4Souls, donating 20,000 pairs of shoes to people who wouldn't have otherwise had them. The Invicta Care Foundation isnt restricted to only helping in the United Statesthose shoes traveled overseas to the feet of people in many different countries. One thing that we find to be particularly commendable is that the ICF doesnt blindly give uninvolved donations to obscure causes; they tangible necessities and money to the most involved local charities that are truly making a day-to-day difference.


The Invicta Watch Group actually donated a crate full of Invicta products to be sold on Christmas day. Nearly $30,000 was raised on that day, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to The Hetrick-Martin Institute.

We're not playing favorites by spotlighting Invicta, but when a large company is so involved in bettering the lives of others, it gives all the more reason to talk about them. Heres the Invicta Care Foundations page on Invictas site . If you want to get in contact with them to donate or learn more, their number is 954-921-2444.

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-Kale Golden