Perrelet iPhone

Perrelet iPhone App

Have you ever wanted a Perrelet watch, but decided that you really don't need one since you have an iPhone? Or do you own a Perrelet watch, but still feel you'd like more Perrelet in your life? If the answer to either one of those is yes, Perrelet has released an app that you'll likely want to try out. Here's a preview:

The app offers both the Turbine and the Diamond Flower themes to accommodate male and female Apple iPhone users respectively. With a quick download, this app allows your iPhone to display the time on a luxury Perrelet timepiece. Multiple models of each collection are available, so you can customize it to suit your taste.

Running the app while charging will make for a simple but elegant tabletop clock. Using the accelerometers in the phone, the program senses movement and spins the rotors just like the real watch wouldpretty nifty. While the spinning of the rotor on the real Perrelet keeps the watch wound, the app will not automatically wind up your battery. I guess we shouldnt be too surprised, but with the ability to set the actual time, the app does serve a functional purpose. Theres some historical information and contact info in the App as well.

I was hoping to see the app released for the Android operating system too, so I could try it out on my Droid, but no luck so far. Ill be keeping my fingers crossed.

To get the app for free, just download from the iTunes store. Give it a tryits free and fun. Perrelet for iPhone on iTunes. Or if youre intersted in reading some information from Perrelet themselves, heres the story from their website. Perrelets own news on their App.

-Kale Golden