Tesla and Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer Partners with Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors and TAG Heuer have recently launched a partnership and have begun a world tour to exhibit the fully electric sports car, along with 18 TAG Heuer timepieces.

The specific watches being brought along are the Time of trip, First TAG Heuer wrist chronograph, Mikrograph, Autavia dashboard, Rally-Master, Mareograph, Autavia (AUTomobile AVIAtion), TAG Heuer Carrera, Monaco, Silverstone, Chronosplit Manhattan GMT, Microsplit 320, Series 1500, S/el, Microtimer, and TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360 Rose Gold Limited Edition.

The Tesla Roadster (above and below) has a spectacular paint job, which exhibits the new partnership.

To Compliment the paint job, TAG Heuer has decorated the interior of the car with TAG Heuer logos and timepieces, such as the TAG Heuer Limited Edition 1/5th second stopwatch thats embedded in the console.

As of now, the tour stops on May 19 - 24 in Delhi, India and will be in Beijing, China on June 2 - 7. Other stops will include Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, and ending in Paris on Sept 28 Oct 4. The total distance will be 40,000km (24,854m), but so far its only a quarter of the way done at 10,000km/6,213 miles or so. If you want to track the trip, just visit The Journey , a live tracker of the trip and cities they visit.

If you are unfamiliar with the Tesla Roadster, it is a fully electric sports car capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, and has a useable range of 245 miles on a 5 hour charge. That is a very impressive feat of engineering and performance. Starting costs are $101,500 according to Tesla Motors online buying showroom.

If you want to learn more about TAG Heuer watches, just go to TAG Heuers Website and see some of their most popular pieces. TAG Heuer is one of todays most prominent brands, and it's well worth a look.

-Kale Golden