The 6 Million Dollar Watch

The 6 Million Dollar Watch

Ok, so not quite $6 million, it sold for 6.26 million Swiss francs, which according to todays exchange rate, is 5.4 million USD. Still, it's quite a remarkable sum of money for wristwatch. But we'll take a look at what makes it so much more than that. The watch is a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph, which as of now is the most expensive yellow gold watch ever sold on auction according to Christies. I'm eager to find out who will try to break this record in the future, and how they'll do it.

The watch sold on Monday, May 11 to an undisclosed museum. The watch was made in 1933-1934 and has an avant-garde case. According to Aurel Bacs, who called it the Mona Lisa of all watches, when this piece was first produced, it became a forerunner for future generations. If you look closely, you can see the famous almost smile in the face of the watch. (No, not really.)

It's not explosively unique by todays standards, but it's undeniably attractive, and at the time of its birth, it exemplified extremely forward-thinking and was truly one of a kind. The seller is quoted as saying,

"I started buying watches in the 1970s, at a time when these amazing objects appealed to very few collectors and even fewer scholars were exploring this charming field. In my opinion, wristwatches are the most beautiful wearable item created in the 20th century."

Buying watches as he did seems to have been a very wise idea, as his collection of 20 different watches brought a total of 9.6 million Swiss francs. However, the buyer made no public comments, and it's been rumored that it was in fact the Patek Philippe museum in Switzerland.

-Kale Golden