Tokyo Flash

Tokyo Flash

Many of the latest and wildest watches are from TokyoFlash. They design some really unique and modern looking timepieces. They have been featured and reviewed in numerous magazines, on television shows, and have even made appearances in movies such as Tekken and the Starz TV drama Crash. After taking a quick look through TokyoFlash's watches, it's easy to see why they're popping up more and more often. Have you seen any of them? There are wild ones like the Kisai Broke, which is a rechargeable USB/LED watch.

Heres a link to TokyoFlashs page on the Kisai Broke, explaining how it's read. Another neat watch is the Tokyo Flash Negative, which you read by looking at the negative space. Look around the lights, and you can see the time. For example:


If you want more info, just check it out on TokyoFlashs page on the Negative. A very modernly stylish and wild watch is the Tokyo Flash Galaxy, seen here:


There is a description and more information available here about the TokyoFlash Galaxy, which retails for $127.03. I guess that works out to a more logical number in the Japanese Yen.

One of the latest watches from TokyoFlash is the Kisai Round Trip, below.

Another USB rechargeable LED watch, this time in a pocket watch version. Pricing and more information can be found here.

-Kale Golden