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Filson is primarily an outdoor products company based out of Seattle that has been in business since 1897. They are known for very high quality USA made products built to last a lifetime. This watch is made my Shinola for Filson. These two companies share the same passion or building high quality products in the United States. Shinola builds products such as watches in the United States, bringing manufacturing back that has not been seen in the USA for a generation or more. The straps are handmade in the United States and the movements assembled by hand in Detroit with Swiss and imported parts which have between 50-85 parts per movement depending on the model. They are stamped USA made. For you watch guys out there you know this is something unique and unheard of, a watch movement made in the United States. These watches match, or in our opinion exceed, the quality standards of some Swiss brands we have seen over the years. By purchasing the product you are getting a quality made in the United States product while supporting American jobs and manufacturing.