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Fortis watches is one of the leading Swiss watch brands in the world founded by Mr. Walter Vogt in 1912 at a Swiss village in Grenchen . Since then Fortis watches has produced one to another legendary watch collections. In 1924 Mr. Walter Vogt met with Mr. John Harwood (Innovator of the self-winding watches) and they became business partner together!

In 1926, Fortis produced Harwood Automatic. It was the world’s first self-winding wristwatch. Later Fortis has produced many legendary watch collections together. In 1930 Fortis produced ‘Rolls’, a legendary wrist watch with a unique winding system. In 1931 Fortis produced another legendary collection called ‘Autorist’. In 1937 Fortis produced their first chronograph watch! In 1943 Fortis produced their most successful model ‘FORTISsimo’ In 1947 alarm wrist watches became very popular because of Fortis. In 1956 Fortis made their super popular "Manager” series. 600 watch makers celebrated ‘Fortis Day’ in 1957. It was 1962 when Fortis produced two more supreme collections, "Stratoliner" and "Spacematic". In 1975 Fortis made one of their most fashionable watches ‘Flipper quartz leader’. In 1994 Fortis became the official watch supplier for Russian Cosmonaut Training Center! In 2004, Fortis won the award ‘European Aviation Watch’ for ‘FORTIS FLIEGER CHRONOGRAPH AUTOMATIC’ watches. In 1996, Fortis started to make its mark in Asia. ‘OFFICIAL COSMONAUTS CHRONOGRAPH FROM FORTIS’ was selected for mission MIR 97 in 1997! ‘The Next Generation FORTIS SPACEMATIC’ was produced by Fortis in 2000.

Fortis has produced many supreme watch collections like Fortis cosmonaut, Fortis marinemaster, Fortis flieger professional, Fortis b 42 and more. Still now, Fortis watches are the first preference for the watch lovers! Love to see the Fortis watches on your wrist? Well, you are at the right place! We have the best collection of Fortis watches for sale. You can choose from the different collections like Fortis Aquatis collection, Fortis Aviatis collection, Fortis Cosmonautis collection, Fortis Terrestis Collection! Fortis Aquatis collection is the best choice for the sailor and the divers! With 361L water resistant stainless still cases, these accurate time pieces are extremely reliable for seagoing. With super clear designs, Fortis Marinemaster watches are the best choice for the divers! With many features as Fortis Marinemaster watches and more traditional look, Most of the Fortis B-42 Diver watches are available with the chronograph features and three hands!

Fortis Aviatis watches are perfect for the pilots with their large, clear dials and supreme durability! Fortis Cosmonauts watches are the best choice for Cosmonauts and also Astronauts. These watches are extremely successful under weightless conditions.Fortis official Cosmonauts watches are the most favorite choice of the Space Agency of Russia. Fortis Spacematic super watches are available with the great configuration of three hands chronograph! Fortis Terrestis limited edition watches are designed by Swiss artist Rolf Sachs. These watches are available with 200M of water resistance capacity! So don’t wait, get your Fortis watches from upscaletime.com and feel this historical watch brand! Any watch lover in the world can’t ignore this brand Fortis. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Fortis watch right now!